About Kate


I am a critic, columnist and scholar. My primary academic research interests are in Elizabethan literature, and I use my background in Greek and Latin to trace the history of ideas and stories from Homer to Shakespeare.

I am currently working towards the completion of a PhD which examines the intellectual life of Elizabeth I, through the prism of her accomplished translations of Latin poetry, her own poems and recently attributed letters, and her representation as a learned queen by writers such as Shakespeare, Spenser and Sidney.

I’m as engaged with the ideas of the present as I am with the past, and currently write regular columns for The Financial Times on the relationship between contemporary politics and intellectual culture. With particular interests in faith, education and foreign policy, I have also written frequently for The Spectator, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The TLS, The Times, and The New Statesman. Much of what I’ve gleaned about the workings of Westminster I’ve learned from my time on the team behind Bright Blue, the liberal Conservative pressure group and think tank. Central to my weekly writing commitments is my work as a theatre critic for The Times. I have recently also begun contributing London theatre reviews to The Wall Street Journal.

I am a regular broadcaster, having appeared on Newsnight, Question Time, Women’s Hour, Jeremy Vine, Radio 3’s Free Thinking, Radio 4’s PM programme and BBC Breakfast for the BBC, as well as ongoing work for Channel 4 News, CNN and Sky News. What excites me most about academia is teaching and sharing ideas with young people, so I speak regularly in schools and judge debating competitions.

If you’d like to get in touch with me to talk about any of the above, do email me here. For book enquiries, please contact my agent, Caroline Michel of PFD.

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